About Us

Christian Youth Conference Objectives:

  • To encourage growth in Christian faith.
  • To help gain a sense of oneself and one's personal beliefs.
  • To experience together the love of God.

Christian Youth Conference, formerly known as NEBYC, has been held on the coast of Maine since 1915. The Conference takes place over the course of two weeks each August and is held at Oceanwood, a Christian camping and conferencing facility located in Ocean Park, Maine. We are truly inclusive, welcoming youth from all persuasions.


CYC is a journey of togetherness shared by the men of Camp Judson and the women of Camp Hasseltine. It's a place where participants can build their faith with each other through:

  • Daily Chapel
  • Vespers
  • Sports
  • Campfires
  • Beach Time
  • Cabin Devotions
  • Evening Programs
  • Community Service
  • An Inspiring Communion Service

CYC is structured to appeal specifically to senior-high youth, providing them with the tools they need to face the challenges of high school and young adulthood in today's society. With that in mind we insist that participants be at least 14 years of age and entering the 9th grade when they attend CYC.






CYC Testimonials

"Two of my kids, Stephanie and Melissa, are graduates of CYC. Through this terrific ministry, they have built life-long friends, and better yet, a life-long faith. As a dad and as a pastor, I couldn’t give any youth conference a higher endorsement!"

- The Rev. Steve Youd
Pastor, First Baptist Church, Hanson, Massachusetts

"Conference is a place in which you are still exposed to the realities of the world, but in an environment that encourages faith as a source of strength and stability."

- Julia Handspicker
Counselor In Training

"CYC is one of the best producers of lifelong disciples I have seen!"

- Mike Gwinn
Former Minister of Discipleship Development, TABCOM


Christian Youth Conference has been in existence for over 90 years!