CYC 2020 Online Recap

Christian Youth Conference at Ocean Park

CYC 2020 Online Recap

From August 2-15, there was a lot of activity around CYC’s social media pages and Google Suite. A lot of spiritual growth and social engagement was going on as the first ever virtual CYC hit the internet. What did this include?

  • Chapel services lead by 11 preachers who were diverse in terms of perspective, race, gender, and age
  • Engaging classes including Starting Point, Pandemic Ponderings, Exploring the New Testament, Taking Action, and more
  • Interactive evening programs
  • Nightly camp meetings with devotions
  • A concert by Live2Love
  • Fun afternoon events like hands on projects, crafts, and escape rooms
  • Many more opportunities to hang out, make friends, and grow in the faith

A lot of this content is still available on the CYC Facebook Page and we encourage you to go check it out.

Live2Love Concert Live Streamed Over Facebook

The members of the CYC Planning Committee were saddened on the day we voted not to hold CYC in person. It was a necessary decision – we couldn’t ask our volunteer staff to quarantine for two weeks prior to the arrival of the students, as required by state regulations. And so for the first time in its 105 year history, the Youth Conference was not to meet in Ocean Park.

We couldn’t just not hold Conference, though, because for many students and staff CYC is the anchor for their year. It is a spiritual and emotional boost coming shortly before the start of the academic year. So we decided to hold a virtual conference with three main goals: to help teenagers grow in their faith in Christ, to allow students to pass the year and move on in the conference, and to keep our community visible during its most active time slot. We seem to have met those goals.

Care Packages Provided to CYC 2020 Online Participants

Twenty-nine students and 32 staff registered and received care packages with program materials, CYC face masks, Ocean Park surprises, and candy. Approximately 22 of the students participated in at least several of the offerings. There was also good engagement from alumni on the Facebook page which hosted sunrises, “Would You Rather?”, and “Answer with a GIF” games, and Photo of the Day posts along with Chapel, Vespers, and other program elements.

All in all, God has been faithful and we are grateful.

We will gather in Ocean Park in August 2021.

CYCers hanging out at the virtual Gate during online conference