Christian Youth Conference at Ocean Park

Christian Youth Conference, formerly known as New England Baptist Youth Conference, has a rich history of providing unique summer learning experiences for Christian youth on the beautiful coast of Maine since 1915. CYC offers a two-week conference structured to appeal specifically to senior-high youth, helping them develop the faith they need to face the challenges of high school and young adulthood in today’s society. The Conference takes place each August and is held at Oceanwood, a Christian camping and conferencing facility located in Ocean Park, Maine.

CYC is much more than a typical summer camp. It is a journey shared by the men of Camp Judson and the women of Camp Hasseltine. It is designed to be a three-year experience that builds a solid foundation of faith and prepares teens for a life of discipleship. It’s a place where participants can have fun and build their faith together through:

  • Daily Chapel
  • Daily Classes
  • Vespers
  • Sports
  • Campfires
  • Beach Time
  • Free Time
  • Cabin Devotions
  • Evening Programs
  • Community Service
  • An Inspiring Communion Service
  • Fun and Exciting Field Trips

Campers explore their faith, develop their relationship with God, and form friendships with each other during each two-week conference. They are encouraged to attend as campers for three years and many of them are able to continue in Christian leadership development by returning as cabin staff.

In addition to our annual conference, CYC also provides a Spring weekend experience (“Snapshot”) for recent and prospective campers. This event allows campers to reunite with each other, check in on the progress of each other’s faith journey, and reignite their faith or relationship with God, through fun games and activities, worship, devotion time, and sharing memories from their CYC experiences.

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