Academic Program

Christian Youth Conference at Ocean Park

CYC Academic Program

The main purpose of the CYC Academic Program is to develop committed followers of Jesus Christ. Some of our related purposes are:

  • to inspire students to know more about God
  • to give students skills to learn more and to grow
  • to build a Christian community
  • to equip students to live out the faith

Exciting classes, high-quality teachers who love youth, and a curriculum centered on Christ make the Academic Program at CYC an enriching experience. Students choose from a wide variety of options to fulfill the graduation requirements and enjoy this adventure in learning. Each student takes two conference-long courses per year and also participates in seminars on Saturday.

Graduation Requirements

Each student must complete a Bible overview class, an introduction to the Christian faith course called “Starting Point” and one course centered on spiritual growth and living out the faith. Annually, each camper must also take two one-hour seminars or one two-hour seminar on Saturday morning.

Course Categories

  1. Knowing the Bible (Old and New Testament)
  2. Spiritual Growth/Starting Point
  3. Growing and Living Out the Faith, including Leadership

Students are required to take one class from each of the categories, with emphasis on the first two categories in the first two years. They may take courses from other categories, however. Third-year students are required to take a Living Out the Faith class. There are Living Out the Faith Classes that are designated specifically as Leadership classes. A Leadership class will support the concept of women in church leadership. One aspect of this class will be to encourage students to seek God’s direction in terms of vocation, and students who feel that they may be called to professional Christian service will be encouraged to take the class. Therefore, it is our goal that each year at least one of the teachers will be an ordained pastor or commissioned missionary.

Saturday Seminars

Students must participate in six hours of Saturday seminars over their three years at CYC. These courses will range from outreach, to Biblical application, to interest-based courses. They are offered as stand-alone one or two hour courses.

The purpose of this configuration is to give students a solid foundation on which to base an active faith. In choosing their courses, students are encouraged to consider their own interests and gifts.

Experienced Faculty

Our teachers are pastors and lay leaders who have significant experience in youth ministry and teaching. They are carefully chosen to provide a high-quality academic program so that students return to their communities with increased Biblical literacy and new leadership skills.