Parents and Pastors

Christian Youth Conference at Ocean Park

“I will always remember the “deer in the headlights” look of the “little boy” we dropped off at
CYC, compared to the confident, competent, joy filled young man who greeted us just one
week later at banquet. Each subsequent year brought a new milestone, a new goal, a new
achievement, a new understanding, and a faith and compassion that has remained evident, and
constant over the years and the miles.”

Bob MacKenzie, Parent of CYC Alumnus

Dear Parents and Pastors,

For over 100 years, our conference has existed to provide discipleship training and an experience of Christian community to adolescent students. We strive to create a positive experience for teens year after year.

This year, we are called on to do this in new and remarkable ways. We are bringing all of our wisdom and understanding to bear so that we can design an online program that will really engage high school students.

Our plans include worship, classes, activities, and social events. We will encourage
interactions through video chats, chat boxes, watch parties, and more. Each student will receive a care package full of surprises and program materials. Hands on participation will be part and parcel of what we do.

A typical day will include: classes, a Chapel watch party, meals “together,” games, hang out time, vespers, content, camp meeting and devotions. Pre-recorded aspects of the conference will be available around the clock for those who aren’t able to join in when it’s first posted.

In order for students to get the most out of conference, we recommend they do the

Like our Facebook page
A lot of content and some shenanigans will be found there

Subscribe to our Youtube channel
Chapel and vesper services will be posted on Youtube as well as played on Facebook

Don’t try to do all the activities
There are too many. Take time to rest

Get outdoors everyday
In Ocean Park we are outside a lot. Fresh air and sunshine will help it feel more like camp

Call and FaceTime other participants
Get to know each other. Making new friends is an important part of CYC

Speak up in class and devotions
We encourage them to share their opinions and ask their questions

Worship, both in community and on their own
A devotions book will be provided to help with time alone with God at

Read The Bunchberry daily to learn about program changes and extra

By the way, your teens’ safety is very important to us. All of the staff for CYC have
passed a CORI background check and no one-to-one video chat meetings are allowed between students and staff.

We pray that CYC Online will help to build God’s kingdom among teenagers, including yours.