Baggs Scholarship Application

Christian Youth Conference at Ocean Park


If you are applying for the Robert E. and Shirley R. Baggs scholarship in hopes of attending the Christian Youth Conference (CYC) in Ocean Park, our family would like you to know just who Bob and Shirley were and why it is important to us to help you have this experience.

Bob Baggs was an American Baptist minister serving churches in Massachusetts and Maine for almost 60 years. Bob and Shirley were not only partners in marriage, but also in all aspects of their professional lives. They were a team and together they accomplished great things throughout their 58 years together.

What is important for you to know is that Bob and Shirley’s true passion was working with the youth and CYC, and it is because of their passion and dedication that the Christian Youth Conference continues to exist today. Together they spent many years administrating, directing, teaching, mentoring and inspiring all who were associated with CYC. They loved the young people and the young people truly loved them. For two weeks every summer their focus was YOU and all young adults attending the conference. They knew this positive Christian experience would impact your young life both personally and spiritually on your journey into adulthood.

Bob passed away in 2000 and Shirley in 2009. It is extremely important to the Baggs family that their vision and influence be continued through this scholarship fund for many years to come. Truly, a perfect legacy!

Have a wonderful two weeks in Ocean Park!!

The Robert Baggs Memorial Scholarship offers assistance to young people who want to attend Christian Youth Conference (CYC). Application for a Baggs scholarship involves answering a few questions on why the you want to attend CYC. This year, 15 scholarships will be awarded, in the amount of $562.50 each.

By completing and submitting the form below you are applying for assistance from the Robert E. & Shirley Baggs Fund. This is not a registration form to attend Youth Conference. The CYC registration process can be completed via our online registration process below. Please note that the Robert E. & Shirley Baggs scholarship has an application deadline of July 15th with applicants being notified by July 20th.

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