Financial Aid Application

Christian Youth Conference at Ocean Park

It is the goal of Christian Youth Conference (CYC) that no one will be unable to attend because of financial difficulty. The demand for financial aid is strong and our resources are limited; therefore we ask that you check out other resources (church, community organizations – Rotary, Lions Club, town/city hall, etc.) prior to applying to CYC for financial aid funds. Should you still not be able to meet the conference fee please apply below.

By completing and submitting the form below you are applying for assistance from the CYC Financial Aid Fund. This is not a registration form to attend Youth Conference. The CYC registration process can be completed via our online registration form.

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Camper Information

Amount of financial aid requested (Applicant must fill in all amounts)


The following information is necessary in determining financial aid awards and is kept strictly confidential by CYC.

List below the Monthly income received from each source for each income-earning individual. (To convert from weekly, multiply by 4.33; every two weeks x 2.15; twice a month x 2)

First and Last Name

MONTHLY All wages, salaries, or commissions before deductions and unemployment

MONTHLY Welfare payments, child support, and/or alimony

MONTHLY Pensions, retirement, Social Security, Worker's Compensation, or Disability

MONTHLY Other income

I certify that all of the information above is true and correct and that all income is reported