Conference Forms

Christian Youth Conference at Ocean Park


Who is excited to fill out some forms?!?

Well, we are! We are excited to be switching to accepting forms electronically this year. Anyone who has stood in the line to register their child for camp will understand why we’re so excited about this switch.

We are using Dropbox forms which is a secure method of collecting forms and signatures. For each form you will receive an email from Dropbox requesting you to fill out the form to provide CYC with the necessary information. If you have not received the requests email our registrar at registrar@cycop.org and we can resend.

Registration Paperwork

The registration paperwork consists of permission slips, acknowledgements, releases, and the code of conduct. Most of the paperwork is filled out by the parent of the participant but the of conduct is filled out by both the parent and the participant of CYC. You will need to provide your child’s email address and then review with your child the statements in the code of conduct. Your child will then sign the code of conduct as well to signify an agreement to follow CYC’s rules while they are at camp.

Medical Forms

The medical forms CYC requires are: Medications & Treatments, Authorization for Treatment, a copy of your child’s physical signed by their doctor, and if your child is required to carry and administer emergency medicine such as an epi-pen or inhaler a form sign by their doctor.

Emergency Medicine Form

Please ensure that the physical uploaded indicates the vaccinations your child has received. Please be aware that CYC requires the following vaccinations for a participant of the program without a signed medical exemption: Tdap (1 dose), Polio (4 doses), Hepatitis B (3 doses), MMR (2 doses), Varicella (2 doses), MenACWY (formerly MCV4) (1 dose Grade 7, 2 doses Grade 11).

CYC Vaccination Policy