What To Bring

Christian Youth Conference at Ocean Park

What You Will Need

  • Notebook
  • Writing utensils
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Shampoo/Soap/Deodorant etc.
  • Hair paraphernalia
  • Towels for shower/beach
  • Casual attire (for hot/cool weather)*
  • Church outfit for Sunday and graduation*
  • Dressy outfit for banquet*
  • Underwear and socks
  • Sneakers or other comfortable shoes
  • Dress shoes
  • Warm jacket or sweater
  • Rain gear
  • Bathing suits*
  • Suntan lotion/glasses
  • Bug stuff
  • Flashlight
  • Sleeping bag/pillow/sheets
  • An open mind

*Please see dress code below

What You May Want

  • Camera
  • Watch (there will be times you won’t have use of your phone)
  • Musical instruments
  • Athletic equipment (especially for volleyball, softball, and basketball)
  • Games/recreational reading/hobby materials
  • Spending money for the soda fountain, camp store, FunTown, etc.($35 a week is recommended)
  • Quarters (coin-operated laundry is available)
  • A sense of adventure

Please note: Laptops/tablets/computers are not allowed at CYC unless needed to accommodate a disability. Please refer to our technology policy below for more information about electronic and communication devices.

Don’t Forget

Money to pay your tuition balance!

Any forms you have filled out!

CYC Dress Code

This dress code is designed to help us present ourselves positively and respectfully to each other and the community at large.


1. Clothing must cover the “Five Bs:” breasts, bellies, backs, bottoms and boxers.

2. Clothing should never contain references to drugs, alcohol, or sex; nor should they contain offensive language or images.

Remember, you do not always stand straight and still like a pencil. Be sure that your clothes meet these requirements whether you are standing, sitting, or dancing/moving.

This dress code applies at all times, day and night, on campus and around town/off campus.



No low-cut necklines on shirts or dresses.

No spaghetti strap tank tops outside the cabin.

Strapless shirts/tube tops are not allowed.

Shirts should extend past the top of your pants/shorts or tuck in).

Low cut sides are only acceptable if your bra and skin are not visible and people cannot see into your shirt to observe the contour of your bust

Backless dresses/shirts are not allowed.

Shorts must have at least a two-inch inseam.

Skirts/dresses must extend to or beyond the middle of your thigh (fingertip length is usually a good guide for this, too.)

Undergarments (including sports bras) must be covered completely. A minimal showing of straps is ok.

Please wear modest swimsuits (Notes: String bikinis are not modest. OceanWood does not allow two-piece bathing suits at their pool.)


Low cut sides (muscle shirts) are only acceptable if your chest is not visible through the side.

Undergarments must be covered completely. Your pants/shorts or shirt must cover your underwear at all times.